During the first half of this year, we had an opportunity to partner in one of the biggest projects in the industry.

Rebranding of Vip Mobile to A1 in Serbia gave us a chance to show our premium product quality, agility, speed, and project management skills.

73 locations in 7 days across Serbia, excellence in execution!

Everyone noticed when Vip mobile’s brand is replaced by A1. 

Literally overnight.

One of the main people responsible for this magic in BG Reklam is Sandra Ratković, Key Account Manager, Adria & DACH Region.

What is the real magic behind it?

” Unfortunately, we still don’t have a magic wand. But we have all the necessary resources and experts to execute such a process almost imperceptibly. 

We are a well-coordinated, agile, and experienced team, ready to design, produce and implement in a very short time, at any location. 

We covered many locations during the night, so as not to disturb the work of some facilities like shopping malls. So even though there is no magic, we are able to create a miracle.”

Some special challenges during the process of rebranding?

“Of course, there are always unforeseen situations. 

Sometimes implementation does not just mean replacing materials but also customizing or repairing advertisements or installations at the point of sale, which, of course, requires additional time and resources. 

I think with enough time available no challenge is too great. 

However, short deadlines are showing how reliable and capable you are to realize complex projects. 

It separates good companies from the great ones.”

How important is the communication with the client?

“Our mission is to fully realize the wishes of the client, which is possible only with excellent communication. 

Open and timely communication about obstacles, problems, and potential solutions is equally important. So we ensure that complex projects are carried out with as little as possible stress for the client and without delays. 

We also wanted a client to get the impression that the whole project is done easily. 

Of course, I also thank you great professional team A1 who has clear guidelines for us.”

In the end, it’s all about deep understanding and trust.

Looking forward to new projects with our long-term partner A1Serbia d.o.o. Thanks a lot, Biljana Tipsarevic for the support!