Creating premium POS solutions has become a lot faster and easier.

Building a large factory site and filling it with few machines doesn’t make the job complete. To be able to produce custom POS solutions effectively and meet client’s needs whilst maintaining high level of product quality, a company needs a disciplined and well organized production system. For a decade now BG Reklam has been practicing Kaizen methodologies to fully optimize every single operation.

Still, none of the above would be on such a high level if it weren’t for our machine pool. Each of our departments (carpentry, metal works, material processing, printing, paint works) is equipped with the latest tools and machines, not only to make the manufacturing process quicker, but to get, for example, the best finish on wood sanding or the best backlight foil print there is.

As BG Reklam is a company that is striving for constant improvement in all aspects, we have made a new addition to our material processing machines!

Enter, ZÜND. This new CNC machine from the Swiss maker is one of our numerous investments this year and will enhance the way we process wood, acrylic and other materials. Some key benefits we will draw from it are:

  • Bigger working surface
  • Automated continuous production process
  • Broader list of arable materials
  • Higher working speeds due to a stronger router
  • Efficient dedusting system making a clean, eco-friendly work environment.


We already see improvements and our clients will too.

Wish us good luck with the new toy! 🙂