Do you remember our last post?

Yes, the one we mentioned received a prestigious award.
Well, that’s not all.

We received another one.

Slightly different.

It’s a GOLDEN award in the “Display – Main material: Wood” category.

And YES, we’re so proud.

It’s easy to understand our feelings.

The display Superstar Award has a 27-year-old tradition.

It feels awesome when something that you have conceptualized and designed from scratch is not only appreciated internally but also recognized by the independent jury!

Our awarded promotional shelf was designed and made for Tetesept and our inspiring partner Salveo CEE. 

It was inspired by the idea of the good old bathtub.

With a desire to remind us on time where things were much slower, done with emotions.

And, we made it.

We’re thankful for the wonderful opportunity to present our work and thank all those who helped us in this.

The award shines in a magnificent way next to its twin – an award from display Superstar 2021 in another category.

See you on another milestone!