In the category of product carrying acrylic displays, we are silver!

On the night of 19th October there was a lot going on in Düsseldorf, Germany. Many POS stars were nervously anticipating who is going to go home with some silverware. Yes, it was an annual event in Rheingold Hall of the Rheinterrasse where Display magazine along side Viscom trade fair presents awards to the best Point of Sale materials for the year 2017.

During the Viscom trade fair  a number of manufacturers of POS displays, representatives of marketing agencies and designers were enjoying the beauty of the exhibits and sought some inspiration for new ideas among them.

Lots of  companies throughout Europe, 49 to be precise, nominated 96 displays in total, hoping that theirs is going to shine the brightest.

And our LLUMS cosmetics display did!

We won the silver award and we are so proud of it!

We would like to say thank you to the client for this marvellous project and for giving us freedom to splash our creativity in the best possible way. May the next one be even better.

Recognition for our work gives us great pleasure and pushes us to continue creating the best solutions for our clients. Congrats to the entire team!