BG Reklam is proudly supporting Samsung dominate the Adriatic Region’s retail world.

This August marks a full year of the global rollout of the Samsung STS line of highly premium store fixtures and furniture, including various sizes of Wall Bays, Smart Tables and illuminated Signage. The design is both discrete and appealing.  The minimalistic design and sharp edges made of premium materials and finish such as Solid Surface, aluminum and illuminated tension fabric, provide a perfectly balanced stage for the actual stars, the new Galaxy line of Smartphones and Tablets.

As a trusted Samsung Electronic Adriatic (SEAD) partner, BG Reklam was the proud winner of this project on 7 markets in the region, partnering with Samsung for the second time in the past 8 years on a large scale project like this. As of September 2018, we have been delivering monthly batches of furniture to the most important retail outlets in 30 cities and towns across Southern Europe, helping our client and partner boost a very important launch through an impeccable and unforgettable market presence.

“Meeting the extremely short deadlines is the most important part of Visual Merchandising operations at Samsung”, says Filip Mićić, Retail Marketing Manager at Samsung Serbia. “As soon as we reach an agreement to place a Samsung zone inside a partner store, the race against time starts and we need to fulfill our obligation to partner on time. BG Reklam has provided excellent service on demand, making this complex and stressful task so much easier to manage.”

Our Production and Client Support Teams are happy to continue supporting Samsung in all future endeavors across Europe.