Printing quality raised to a new level!

BG Reklam continued adding to its industrial machine pool during 2017 and definitely one of the most valuable additions was the new Durst Rho P10 200! This powerful UV flatbed printer is used for the reproduction of digital images on physical surfaces using Quadro(R) Array technology.

What the newest addition brings to the company is: bigger productivity up to 40% due to higher printing speed, cost-effectiveness up to 15% as fewer ink is being used, and versatility due to the possibility for double-sided roll printing.

The printer specs are:

  • Up to 1200dpi printing resolution
  • Roll printing up to 205 m2/h
  • Maximum print width 205cm
  • Option for heavy duty rolls up to 200kg in weight

As a premium POS solutions provider that incorporates the whole production process under one roof, BG Reklam is always looking for ways to enforce all parts of the production chain and equip all the departments with top-notch technology tools.

We believe that continuous investing and expansion is the basis to achieving premium quality in POS solutions.