Field of POS (Point of Sale) marketing is a modern environment, turned to constant innovations and solutions that follow the latest trends.

Closely monitoring the development of consumer electronics, tobacco, cosmetics, FMCG and other industries, solutions that the POS marketing offers need to answer all the challenges and thrive to constant modernization. Accordingly, category solutions are becoming more popular. What are the main characteristics of the two types of solutions, and their differences as well, we will try to explain bellow.

Single branded solutions

Most commonly used for launching a new product, these marketing solutions are providing brands with high products visibility and can be properly linked to existing media campaigns. Reserving popular spots within brick and mortar, this type of advertising is suitable for raising brand awareness. Truthfully, renting this kind of spot is quite pricey, and besides that, competition is a challenge as well.

Category solutions

Trend that has emerged recently is the solution for the whole product category. Brand, retail chain and the POS material producer are making a unique solution that offers benefits to all sides – they are creating a concept where one brand „sponsors“ the whole product category which ensures a lasting spot within the brick and mortar and the category itself. This gives the brand an option to track ROI over time and get reliable statistics because the conditions don’t change, as well as an improved looks of the whole category, which influences the consumers and leads to increased sales. Category solutions provide brands with secure spot which retail chains’ private labels have no effect on.

Communication using well positioned print and light effects is providing higher visibility, and product modularity ensures presence in different store formats.

Although this concept haven’t had any larger breakthrough so far, it is expected to grow in terms of it’s popularity and implementation frequency.

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