It is well known that an average consumer is exposed to many brands’ promotional messages daily.

To stand out in such an environment is an exceptional challenge not only for the companies themselves, but to all of those who work together with them on those achievements, as well.

Point of sale is becoming a real battlefield when it comes to consumers’ attention. In this battle, the winner is not the biggest, but the most innovative and original one. Of course, one should not neglect the fact that location within the store is still very important in terms of brand exposure towards the consumer.

It has long been an aspiration of marketing experts to lessen the difference between ATL and BTL communication formats, but then digital joined the game.

Due to an increasing presence of the digital communication channels and efforts to spread a “unique” message in different formats (traditional vs. digital), it is a great challenge to involve retail into such portfolio.

Naturally, one of the solutions is setting up attractive PoS (Point of Sale) materials. Those can be promo shelves made from the finest materials such as wood, metal, corian or alubond. Interestingly shaped, vividly colored, they are synced with the brands visual guidelines and are effectively spreading its messages.

How to integrate digital media in such a setup?

Alongside already established tricks that are used to increase visibility of the product and attract and keep customer’s attention such as LED illumination, premium building materials or big surfaces covered in printed communication, the most advanced European markets are flooded with solutions from companies who started to notice an increased need for using multimedia in promo zones at the point of sale.

More and more we can hear a sound coming from a shelf in a store, inviting us to test the product, or a press on a button starts product simulation. What is mostly spread among POS solutions is a screen embedded into the shelf that plays the video commercial seen on traditional media and which is in correlation with an actual marketing campaign for the displayed product.

Some companies on leading world and European markets went a step further and using modern technology provided an option to play dedicated content on-screen upon picking up the physical product from the shelf. Using this kind of solution, the interactivity between the brand and the consumer was brought a level up and a chance to use multimedia to place more information about the product was created.

Judging by everything seen, although the transition from traditional communication channels to digital ones is still in full swing, changes are frequent and fast and it is not easy to keep up. We can say freely that the POS industry is firmly keeping step with the newest trends in the world of marketing communications, and we in BG Reklam are right there, ready to respond to any challenge.