BG Reklam found its place at IFA 2016 Berlin

With over one and a half thousand exhibitors and quater of a million visitors, Berlin new technologies trade fair, IFA, is one of the most important annual events where producers,retailers and users meet. Some statistics say that there are more than 50% of international exhibitors from consumer electronics and digital innovations industries each year.

IFA fair was a place to be for us too, taking into consideration that some of our biggest clients were exhibitors. If you walked through the fair ground you could see some of our displays, made especially for this event. BG Reklam was this time a business visitor, and apart from visiting our clients, we visited all other exhibitors and programs, getting known with latest trends, innovations and inter-depertmental solutions.

What we noticed is that highlight of this year’s fair is on interactivity. Technologies in the spotlight are also HDR, UHD, virtual reality and 3D scanners.

IFA showed also that Internet of Things technology is already there and live, and that we are following this trend and that we have enough knowledge, creativity and favorable conditions to say that the future has started in BG Reklam too.